Ever wondered why you apply your balm but your lips feel dry again soon after? Chances are, the ingredients in your balm are not actually doing them any good. Common ingredients such as mineral oil may feel great on the skin, instant relief for chapped lips in fact, but that be all. The effects are not long lasting as they can’t penetrate the skin and therefore cannot nourish and moisturise, hence the addiction of reapplication. Or those that do sink in are not as skin loving as they claim to be.

But never fear! The Lip Liberation is here to help set your lips free. We know there is a lot of temptation – pressure from friends offering you a dip in their shiny tin, the lure of pretty tubes at till points. We are here to help you on the road to recovery. We will bring you the latest news and reviews of products that will be kind to your lips and release you from the cycle of dryness and addiction. We’re not saying you can’t have lip balm, we love lip balm, just good ones.

The Lip Liberation



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