Ouli’s Ointment..

This little tin of goodness is a staple in our handbags. Brilliant to soothe and nourish dry lips, but also anywhere else that needs some love. It works brilliantly as an intensive hand cream, massage it into nails and cuticles too.

The main ingredient in Ouli’s Ointment is organic olive oil sourced from the Greek Island of Zakynthos. This moisturises and protects skin but also acts as an anti-inflammatory and can calm itchy skin. Organic beeswax is next which also moisturises and locks in moisture. It can also help to heal minor burns – when combined with olive oil the two become an excellent treatment for sore and chapped skin. Organic Chamomile makes up the trio which is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, it is also really soothing for skin.

The ointment is a rich yellow balm that melts on contact with the skin and then massages in well – it sinks in quite quickly. Lip balm (of course) and general skin nourishing are our favourite uses although it apparently works well under make-up – anyone tried that yet? It does have quite a strong fragrance which is dominated by chamomile so as long as you like that you’ll be alright 😉

A winner we think – who else has used it?

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